The Story of beau monde and S.A.L.T. Blog

I've lived on the coast my whole life, mostly the Atlantic, just a little time by the Pacific, even a few seasons alongside Lake Michigan. The only other constant in my life has been my love of fashion. I even wrote my senior thesis in college on how people communicate through their style. Professionally speaking I spent nine amazing years working at Bethany Surf Shop. While I was there I learned buying and merchandising, and also what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. The rest of the world wasn't so inviting. I set out from the shop a couple years ago to try and land just such a gig at a larger company. I went coast to coast and I still don't know if it was the economy, my lack of contacts or my Times New Roman one page resume but the offers weren't rolling in. Really, they weren't even trickling in. So, I figured if I can't work for them I'd work with them. When I found a little shop space in the Village of Fenwick I decided to jump in with both feet. Barely a month later I opened with a nice selection of men's and women's vintage pieces and vinyl records. Now that the summer is just around the corner we have great new merchandise coming in everyday from companies you know like Catch Surf, Rhythm, Wildfox, and MinkPink and smaller ones that might be new to you like Duvin Design Co., Boemo, KAII, and Raga. S.A.L.T. is a blog all about life at and love for the beach. My staff and I will be posting all about the lifestyle, new music we love, style layouts and ideas, food and drink recipes, and anything else that fits the beau monde style. Read all about it or come in to the shop and check it out. I'll see you in the Village.